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Zelda Invaders 3 upgrade

2009-03-17 12:31:02 by HyperDoom

I fixed more bugs with Zelda invaders 3, some people have told me. Mostly it was clipping issues, enjoy!

Link to zelda invaders

I have Updated Zelda Invaders and fixed a few bugs

Link to Zelda Invaders 3

I have also uploaded lots a new Video game song remakes on my music page

Zelda Invaders 3 Update

2008-09-28 01:25:55 by HyperDoom

I made some small changes to ZA3, just some bugs and one that ppl could cheat with lol

Also I found out the Shroom of the Dead in on YouTube, but I like it becuase people are liking it way more then people will ever do here : /

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New Music

2008-09-27 01:13:17 by HyperDoom

I made two new songs

Kirby Super Star. Incoming Boss and Advance Was DS Tag Power! /174988 /174262

Zelda Invaders 3 is out and more!

2008-09-20 15:31:11 by HyperDoom

I uploading Zelda Invaders 3 yesterday and I have twinked a few things of it today, here is a link to it

You can look are the classic Zelda invaders, and Zelda Invaders SE, and 2 to see what has changed in ZA3

Im also getting to work on Shroom of the Dead 2 and Newgrounds Blam machine 3, and Happy World 3, go check them out and also show some support for my work :P